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2014 #YesWeCode Hackathon
On July 11, 2014 by Staff
ZeroDivide's Vanessa Mason recently participated in the 2014 #YesWeCode Hackathon in New Orleans as a mentor.[Read More]
On June 07, 2012 by John Hoffman
For nonprofits that serve senior populations, the rapid growth of Internet use among adults over 65 has significant implications.[Read More]
On April 14, 2012 by John Hoffman
Smartphones are great. I love my smartphone. I use to it to email, tweet, photograph, text, map, like, calendar, draw, comment, game, read, bank, and sometimes even talk.[Read More]
On July 26, 2011 by Timothy C. Wu
Sophos' Naked Security blog reports that the Winehouse scam is today proliferating at a staggering rate - infecting about one new Facebook user EVERY SECOND! Similar video scams are being created...[Read More]
On January 31, 2011 by margaret
Sign up for a webcast 12:15pm EST February 1, 2011 This event is co-sponsored by the New America Foundation and the Yale Law School, Information Society Program .[Read More]
At a recent Tedx event held in Rio de Janeiro, Andrew Essex discusses the achievement gap and the digital divide in the US and how the proliferation...
On July 09, 2010 by Jessica Eting
According to the Pew Internet and American Life Mobile Access 2010 report, more Americans are accessing the internet wirelessly. African-American and Latinos continue to be the most active users of...[Read More]
On March 09, 2010 by Laura Efurd
OK so I stole the line from FCC Commissioner Copps who said during today's America's Digital Inclusion Summit that a focus on digital inclusion was "music to his ears". But don't you all feel the...[Read More]
LATINA VOTER INTERNET AND NEW MEDIA USAGE: Groundbreaking Poll Shows Internet & New Media Usage Vital for Engaging Latinas According to a report...
On October 07, 2009 by margaret
According to a report released today by HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality), Latina voters with access to the internet are more likely to be informed about new state laws and the...[Read More]


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