On October 19, 2012 by Timothy C. Wu
Last month, Whitney – a self-proclaimed “not popular” girl – was stunned and thrilled to learn that she had been elected to her school’s homecoming court. (Truth be told, I always dreamed of being my...[Read More]
On February 14, 2012 by Tina Lee
Thanks for coming back to read the second part of my series on how online activism successfully defeated SOPA and PIPA. Whereas my first post covered the “what” and “why” parts of the fight, this one...[Read More]
San Francisco Ballet
On January 27, 2012 by Timothy C. Wu
The Problem: A name that no one can pronounce (Oh-nay-gun? Oo-nee-gin? On-ee-gan?), based upon a Russian poetry novel written almost 200 years ago, and performed in a medium (ballet) that some people...[Read More]
Twitter Status Box
On January 12, 2012 by Jessica Eting
Recently ZeroDivide was asked by one of our foundation partners to help them integrate Twitter into a convening to meet two main goals: To introduce convening participants to the power of social...[Read More]
Occupy Wall Street banner
On November 02, 2011 by Tina Lee
Over the past few weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement – or #OWS if you’re following along on Twitter – has spread like wildfire. According to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ page on Wikipedia, as of...[Read More]
On June 01, 2011 by margaret
Twitter use by internet users ages 25-34 has doubled since late 2010 (from 9% to 19%) and usage by those ages 35-44 has also grown significantly (from 8% to 14%)[Read More]
On February 01, 2011 by margaret
Google, SayNow and Twitter have built a speak-to-tweet for people in Egypt. People can call a few numbers and leave messages, which will be blasted out as tweets.[Read More]
On April 23, 2010 by Timothy C. Wu
We hear it every time we go to a movie, watch a play, attend a concert, listen to a lecture, attend a conference. Just as the lights go down, an omnipotent voice from the soundsystem redminds us, "...[Read More]
On February 01, 2010 by margaret
In the rapidly evolving world of social media, nonprofits are scrambling to find meaningful metrics for their social network outreach. We know social media has two core metrics - influence and...[Read More]
Charitable organizations say an unprecedented number of people have turned to social media, including Twitter and Facebook to give money for disaster...


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