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On December 19, 2011 by alexandertran
So you’re a socially-minded entrepreneur, sitting in some hipster coffee shop, forlorn because you’re not sure how to take your awesome social venture ideas or plan to the next level... What you need...[Read More]
On July 01, 2011 by margaret
Thanks to Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) for the shout out in their member highlights section on their homepage.[Read More]
On April 29, 2010 by John Hoffman
If you are looking for the bright spots, as Chip Heath, author of Switch suggests , a good place to start might be the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit in San Francisco.[Read More]
Jane Fischberg, President & Executive Director of Rubicon Programs, was one of three leaders who participated in a Social Enterprise Alliance SF...
On December 04, 2008 by John Hoffman
10th Annual SEA registration now open[Read More]
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