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On July 04, 2013 by Mike Rubio
This Fourth of July is, for me, distinguished by the recent victory on immigration reform in the Senate . (Though we now must wait and hope for the House to move .) I am excited and inspired by the...[Read More]
On September 10, 2009 by Brian Gallagher
Aspiration is pleased to announce our Fall 2009 ZeroDivide eAdvocacy Trainings, “Best Practices for High-Impact eAdvocacy”. Taking place in Los Angeles and San Francisco, these trainings will cover...[Read More]
On August 22, 2008 by Laura Efurd
As a former Congressional staff person, I never thought of the U.S. Congress as a technology savvy institution. Our computers were old, the transition to email was slow, and the paging system was...[Read More]
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