broadband adoption

On April 14, 2012 by John Hoffman
Smartphones are great. I love my smartphone. I use to it to email, tweet, photograph, text, map, like, calendar, draw, comment, game, read, bank, and sometimes even talk.[Read More]
On July 26, 2011 by Timothy C. Wu
Sophos' Naked Security blog reports that the Winehouse scam is today proliferating at a staggering rate - infecting about one new Facebook user EVERY SECOND! Similar video scams are being created...[Read More]
ZeroDivide's "Generation ZeroDivide Digital(Gen ZD) Literacy Program" will increase broadband adoption/usage among low-income and disadvantaged youth...
Cecilia Kang of The Washington Post interviewed ZeroDivide's Chief Community Investment Officer Laura Efurd and City of Chicago's Program Officer...
On September 07, 2010 by Timothy C. Wu
Everything Old is New Again. Or to be more accurate, make that EveryONE Old is New Again. In case you haven't heard (or haven't talked to your mother lately. Shame on you. Call your mother! Now!),...[Read More]
On August 26, 2010 by Robin
Since you already know that ZeroDivide was awarded Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) funding last week for our Generation ZD Digital Literacy Program, it's time to talk about the...[Read More]
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