On June 14, 2012 by Laura Efurd
Imagine an Internet so powerful that it is virtually unlimited. What kind of world would this be? How would it change our society and solve our most pressing social issues? Imagine that “Star Trek”...[Read More]
On April 14, 2012 by John Hoffman
Smartphones are great. I love my smartphone. I use to it to email, tweet, photograph, text, map, like, calendar, draw, comment, game, read, bank, and sometimes even talk.[Read More]
A short documentary made by students of a one-room schoolhouse in Panoche Valley, San Benito County. Meet the ten students at Panoche Valley...
This video contains footage from TDV's (Tribal Digital Village) offices, wireless-broadband internet towers, and the Pala Learning Center. TDV is...
ZeroDivide is creating a new generation of technology users within underserved communities in California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and...
On February 11, 2011 by margaret
President Obama unveiled an ambitious blueprint to use $18 billion in federal funds to get 98 percent of the nation connected to the Internet on smartphones and tablet computers in five years.[Read More]
Cecilia Kang of The Washington Post interviewed ZeroDivide's Chief Community Investment Officer Laura Efurd and City of Chicago's Program Officer...
On March 09, 2010 by Tessie Guillermo
ZeroDivide was on-site today for “America’s Digital Inclusion Summit," where the FCC released six key recommendations to expand broadband adoption, excerpted from the much-anticipated and historic...[Read More]
On March 08, 2010 by margaret
On March 9, the FCC and the Knight Foundation are hosting a summit to highlight solutions to the challenge of providing broadband for everyone - America’s Digital Inclusion Summit in D.C. The event...[Read More]
On February 23, 2010 by margaret
Affordability and lack of digital skills are the main reasons why 93 million Americans -- one-third of the country -- are not connected to high-speed Internet at home.[Read More]


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