On November 27, 2012 by Camille Ramani
Aspiration's 2012 Nonprofit Dev Summit held in beautiful Preservation Park in downtown Oakland did not disappoint. I am truly a fan of Aspiration's facilitation style where real-time contributions of...[Read More]
On October 24, 2012 by Staff
A few weeks ago, I went to my first "TechFest," hosted by Aspiration, a nonprofit based in San Francisco. I had participated in a few Aspiration trainings and had been impressed by their mission to...[Read More]
On September 10, 2009 by Brian Gallagher
Aspiration is pleased to announce our Fall 2009 ZeroDivide eAdvocacy Trainings, “Best Practices for High-Impact eAdvocacy”. Taking place in Los Angeles and San Francisco, these trainings will cover...[Read More]
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