Our Work

Our Work

ZeroDivide seeks impact at the community level by working with public and private foundations, government agencies at all levels and businesses that provide technology tools and services to markets that include underserved communities.

Our responsive design and effective projects ensure those intended to benefit—underserved communities and local organizations—are at the center of every project.

If you are investing in improving the opportunities, civic engagement and health of underserved communities, explore how ZeroDivide can work with you to leverage technology and amplify your impact. Contact our Business Development team to learn how ZeroDivide can add value to your community investments.

Philanthropic Sector

After operating as a public foundation for many years, we have a deep understanding of the philanthropic sector and how is evolving. We work with public and private foundations to strengthen their grantees’ understanding of technology and to increase their tech adoption as a means of transforming underserved communities and improving their civic engagement, economic opportunity and health outcomes.

Our services also seek to increase the philanthropic sector’s use of technology to improve the effectiveness of their strategic grantmaking, deepen their understanding of the role and impact of technology in their grantees’ work, and expand their support for technology-related grants and initiatives to improve communities.

Government Agencies

Local, state and federal government agencies are significantly invested in the health and wellness of their communities. We work with government leaders to develop, scale and evaluate digital technology strategies for a range of programs that serve families, communities and underserved populations. Our work for government clients includes programs that equip individuals and organizations with devices, broadband, training and other resources. We also work with government partners to developpolicy and strategy framewors development that include meaningful technology use.


As the market evolves, so do businesses, as they increasingly understand the value of double- and triple-bottom line successes. ZeroDivide has a proven track record working with corporate giving programs and other business entities to design and implement culturally appropriate, technology-centered interventions.

Within our eHealth framework  we seek to enable the use of consumer-focused IT to reduce health disparities among underserved communities and communities of color by supporting and facilitating community-driven eHealth equity and policy.