Beth Kanter and ZeroDivide Social Enterprise Convening
On October 11, 2011 by alexandertran
The ZeroDivide Social Enterprise Convening On Sept 20th and 21st, ZeroDivide’s community enterprise grantees from across California gathered in San Francisco at ZeroDivide’s Social Enterprise...[Read More]
NASA astronauts
On October 07, 2011 by Tessie Guillermo
Earlier this week I went on an 'Innovation Safari', organized by the Innovation Learning Network for participants in its Autumn membership meeting in the SF Bay Area. Co-sponsored by the California...[Read More]
Zagat website
On September 30, 2011 by Timothy C. Wu
Phuc. Or at least, a vast majority of Zagat's (the restaurant review company) online readers do. In Zagat's annual "Worst Restaurant Name" poll, the Phat Phuc Noodle Bar in London won that dubious...[Read More]
On September 30, 2011 by John Hoffman
Don't bemoan a failure when you should be celebrating a success.[Read More]
Latinos raising hands
On September 28, 2011 by Tina Lee
Last week I spoke on a panel focused on how direct democracy might be re-imagined through the use of technology. I shared the stage with four incredibly inspiring speakers whose innovations could...[Read More]
Young girls bullying
On September 27, 2011 by Timothy C. Wu
This wasn't the blog that I started out writing today. Far from it. To give you a sense of just how far afield I started, the title of the blog that I WAS writing was along the lines of ,"It seems...[Read More]
Don't ask Don't tell banner
On September 23, 2011 by John Hoffman
Learning how to celebrate your failures.[Read More]
Young Entrepreneur
On September 16, 2011 by Jeff Perlstein
Yes, they walk among us – the future’s in our midst! Join ZeroDivide and the Bay Area chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance on Tuesday, September 20th, as we present a terrific opportunity for...[Read More]
Reel Grrls
On September 09, 2011 by Timothy C. Wu
That punchline to a really old, somewhat (well, okay, very) tasteless joke kept running through my head the other day as I was driving to work. The 20-something year-old guy in the brand new gunmetal...[Read More]
San Diego Futures Foundation
On September 09, 2011 by Ruth Williams
The recent finding that 4 out of 5 of ZeroDivide’s Community Enterprise grantees turned a profit this year – with the 5th poised to do so – has been generating a lot of interest. To get a fuller...[Read More]