Project Update: Launch of Community Leadership Project 2.0 First Cohort

Project Update: Launch of Community Leadership Project 2.0 First Cohort

We are proud to announce that ZeroDivide has launched the first cohort of the technology capacity-building program for the Community Leadership Project (CLP). Seventeen small to mid-size community-based organizations have been selected to participate in ZeroDivide’s program through the end of 2015. The full list of cohort members can be found at the end of this article.

The CLP project has been funded by the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation to provide leadership, financial and technological capacity building programs to grassroots organizations throughout California that serve low-income and communities of color.

Now in its second phase, the project has already provided funding for and organizational development assistance to over 150 community-led organizations in the Bay Area, Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley.

Impact-centered technology

Part of ZeroDivide’s work with the selected cohort members involves gauging how well each organization’s technological capacity serves its mission. We visit each organization’s site and interview staff about their use of technology to assess what kinds of technological enhancements would make a meaningful impact on their work in community.

Another piece of the program is providing webinar trainings on topics identified by the cohort, such as choosing a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system and integrating technology into program service delivery.

ZeroDivide is pleased to have the opportunity to work with organizations at the forefront of community wellness and social justice. We look forward to collaborating with these community leaders to build their collective resiliency and adaptive capacity in the coming months.

ZeroDivide CLP 2.0 Cohort Members

Greater San Francisco Bay Area  

Central Coast

 San Joaquin Valley

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Acta Non Verba's Executive Director, Kelly Carlisle, featured in this US Department of Veterans Affairs video, is a member of ZeroDivide's first CLP cohort. Acta is one of many organizations in the cohort being lead by charismatic and adaptive leaders working in under-resourced communities. 

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