Project Announcement: Mobile Health Initiatives Mobilize-4-Fitness and Text4Wellness

Project Announcement: Mobile Health Initiatives Mobilize-4-Fitness and Text4Wellness

ZeroDivide is pleased to announce our partnership with the Institute for eHealth Equity on two text-based initiatives targeting health outcomes in African-American Women. 

The projects, Mobilize-4-Fitness and Text4Wellness, are both text messaging-based enterprises supported through the Aetna Foundation’s Digital Health Initiative, which seeks to implement and evaluate technology innovations to help address public health concerns among vulnerable and minority populations.

Text messaging is just one of many technology-based tools to address health care disparities in support of eHealth equity. By using culturally competent messaging to reinforce the social supports necessary to change behaviors, both projects will provide insight into the effectiveness of text messaging in changing health-related behaviors among the population of women most at risk for heart disease and thus lead to more opportunities to influence policies that make text messaging more affordable and accessible among those who can benefit the most. 

These projects stand to reinforce both organizations' commitments to eHealth equity, and our partnership on the initiatives is designed to support widespread sharing of the projects’ results and the lessons learned. Follow the ongoing findings from these initiatives on Twitter with the #eHealthEquity hashtag. You can download the full press release here.

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