The Lifestyle, Health and Wellness Startup Weekend

The Lifestyle, Health and Wellness Startup Weekend

This month, three ZeroDivide staff members participated in the Lifestyle, Health and Wellness Startup Weekend at the Impact Hub in San Francisco. ZeroDivide’s Vanessa Mason, Rick Johnson and Frieda McAlear contributed their knowledge and experience in the eHealth sector to the development of a health insurance shopping app.


Following a pitch selection round on Friday, August 1, teams were formed, and ZeroDivide team members began developing an app to submit to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Plan Choice Challenge. Their purpose: to produce an app that would yield a better, easier and less confusing health insurance shopping experience.


The judges came from a number of startup companies and incubators, like Y Combinator, Schaffer&Combs and health and wellness companies. They offered business and product development feedback and advice to the six app development teams presenting their final pitches.


The weekend-long “hackathon” event lasted 54 hours in total, and the ZeroDivide team of 12 won second place! Here are some of the photos captured during the event:

Waiting for the pitch selection round to begin on Friay night. 

The ZeroDivide team’s inital pitch made the top ten. 

On Saturday, they began developing their app. This involved finding out who signed up to get insurance the first year of the Affordable Care Act. 

The team debriefs to get everyone on the same page.  

Debriefing into lunch…

Real life interviews help to inform app development. 

The last stretch of the hack-a-thon entails some refinement of our ideas. 

Robert practices the final presentation and receives feedback. 

Working diligently into the final hours before presenting.

The audience waits patiently as the final pitches begin. 

Our pitch begins with an explanation of health insurance costs. 

Robert talks about the team’s pivotal aha moment. 

The business model is explained in real world examples. 

The ZeroDivide team rolls out their demo for the judges in the final piece of their presentation. 

Congrats to the team for their 2nd place win at the Lifestyle, Health and Wellness Startup Weekend! 

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