phone on keyboard
On April 25, 2013 by Evan Gallagher
Recent publications have made this spring an exciting period for proponents of patient-centered eHealth tools. However, what is still missing is the inclusion of wider range of perspectives. There...[Read More]
David Yanofsky
On April 23, 2013 by McCrae Parker
Last week we had an opportunity to speak with David Yanofsky, the Director of Media and Youth Development at ConnectEd, a nonprofit organization based in Berkeley, CA, that develops tools, projects...[Read More]
Campaigning Youth
On April 17, 2013 by zdadmin
ZeroDivide, in conjunction with The California Endowment and its Building Healthy Communities initiative, seeks young adult advocates to assist with the State Youth Advocacy Network. This program...[Read More]
Ethan Zuckerman Thick/Thin model
On April 16, 2013 by Staff
What do Harry Potter, Moby Dick and gangsta rap have in common? The answer: They are powerful cultural vehicles through which our emerging generation engages in social justice movements in their...[Read More]
Diversity Rx Logo
On April 11, 2013 by Dr. Carladenise Edwards
ZeroDivide recently co-hosted a pre-conference workshop on "Achieving eHealth Equity" with DiversityRx at their 8th National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations.[Read More]
painting of founding fathers
On April 09, 2013 by McCrae Parker
At the recent national Digital Media and Learning Conference organized by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub and supported by the MacArthur Foundation, diverse scholars and practitioners...[Read More]
Welcome to Our Redesigned Website
On April 04, 2013 by Tessie Guillermo
Welcome to our redesigned website. While we have changed course in our approach to our work, transitioning from a foundation into a mission-driven consulting organization, we are as committed as ever...[Read More]
Top 5 eHealth Applications Impacting Underserved Communities in 2013
On April 03, 2013 by Tessie Guillermo
The top 5 eHealth developments and how they could impact underserved communities.[Read More]
panel of speakers
On April 03, 2013 by Dr. Carladenise Edwards
At the summit, more than 30 leaders from health care, philanthropy, technology, academia, and community-based organizations were joined by federal officials from the Department of Health and Human...[Read More]
mHealth app icon
On March 29, 2013 by Evan Gallagher
mHealth, the use of mobile devices for health services and information, is a hot topic in health care due to mobile technology’s ubiquity and versatility, and its potential to lower costs.[Read More]