#13NTC NTEN’s Annual Nonprofit Technology Conference

#13NTC NTEN’s Annual Nonprofit Technology Conference


NTEN’s Annual Nonprofit Technology Conference, NTC, took place this year in Minneapolis, MN during an unusually cold April snowstorm. NTEN is the leader in nonprofit technology and their hosted event enables individuals and organizations across the US to come together and discuss technology.  NTC has continued to be an engaging forum in which organizations can share their experiences and what they have learned with the larger nonprofit community.

The NTC provides a real life platform on which to learn and discuss the latest technology tools with an abundance of breakout sessions for techies and those with limited technical experience. Nonprofits with similar technology needs such as donor database, processing donations, and outreach, can connect with others in a fun and constructive setting.

This year, I was fortunate to participate at the NTC for a third time.  Although attendance was noticeably lower this year (which may be in part to weather and location), I met with new faces and discovered new ventures from all over the US. One of my favorite nonprofits was Invisible People, a nonprofit focused on capturing and sharing stories of homeless men and women across the United States via various social media channels. 

I found that a large amount of the presentations and discussions were centered around data. Nonprofits seemed to be concerned with data migration, reporting and cleanup.  Discussions focused on the necessity of envisioning goals and workflows, having formal software/process training, and the importance of implementing a new workflow plan/process when migration is completed. Individuals involved in the discussions agreed that while the act of data migration can be the easiest part of the process, it should not be done without proper planning and testing.

Many consultants, well versed in data migration, talked about Salesforce.com as a main player and solution to these issues.  Salesforce enables users to import data easily and create business workflows and streamlining the business process. Hiring a consultant can also reduce the time needed to complete tasks such as planning, mapping fields, database clean up and creating the reports your organizations may provide to board members and donors. 

During the conference I was also able to connect with Ken Montenegro (@kmontenegro), a nonprofit technologist from the Asian Pacific American Legal Center in Los Angeles.  We connected via twitter and had great conversations around technology and our shared work visions as techies. After joining the nonprofit technology space after practicing law for many years, Ken brings a dynamic and  fresh perspective on topics such as technology and Health Information Privacy ( as related to HIPPA) associated with eHealth and electronic health records. Through NTC I have made a new friend in Los Angeles and hope to visit him in his nonprofit setting soon.

Hope to connect with you next year in Washington, D.C. for NTC14.