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Center for Digital Equity and Inclusion


Underserved and vulnerable communities and the organizations that serve them continue to face persistent disparities in digital technology literacy, access and use that result in diminished opportunities for the production of social, economic and political capital. These diminished opportunities have and will continue to reinforce and amplify persistent differences in education, health, and socio-economic outcomes. Left unattended, diminished and unrealized opportunities will translate into a ever widening divide that keeps low-income people, people with disabilities, immigrant communities, communities of color, youth and other marginalized people disconnected from the skills, knowledge and resources they need to alter their trajectories. This “gap” has implications not only for the underserved and vulnerable, but also for the national well-being.

Based on nearly 15 years of research and experience, the Center for Digital Equity and Inclusion at ZeroDivide is an initiative created to focus on the study, development and dissemination of best practices for technology strategy, adoption and integration to achieve transformative change in underserved and vulnerable communities and for the entities that serve them, throughout California and the United States. Foremost, our Center has been designed to meet the historical, urgent existing and emergent needs in the areas of health, education, economic opportunity and overall quality of life in these communities.

The Center works at the intersection of the latest technology innovations and the creation of social impact efforts undertaken by non-profit, enterprise governmental and entrepreneurial entities that hold the most promise in benefitting underserved and vulnerable communities.

The Center assists social equity organizations in leveraging technology to accelerate social change in underserved communities. We provide strategic, tactical and practical solutions that fit the distinct values, vision, mission and budget of these organizations.

The Center believes in the transformative power of technology to create agency on the part of individuals, communities and the organizations that convey them towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

Focus of the Center for Digital Equity and Inclusion

During the first 12 months, focus of the Center will occur across four principal domains (see below). These domains allow for transition, continuation and completion of existing ZeroDivide portfolio work to the Center related to digital strategy and technology capacity building. The domains also provide opportunities for the continuation of work undertaken in the areas of community technology research, network development (field building), partnerships and advocacy in technology access. Programmatic Activities and Strategic Development are manifest in each of the domains and work synergistically to evolve the Center’s Business and Enterprise model.

Focus on Social Equity Organizational Engagements (55%)

Focus on Technology and Social Equity Leadership (15%)

Focus on Research, Evaluation & Development (15%)

Focus on Social Infrastructure & Movement Building for Systemic Change (15%)

“We are attending to and building a movement that will have implications not only for the most underserved and vulnerable… but for our highest levels of government and corporate activity...”

We have funded, convened, attended to, brokered relationships and provided capacity building services for government and corporate entities, public and private foundations, social sector leaders, community based organizations, social enterprises, and small businesses. The result has been nearly 1200 organizations, to date, nation-wide directly influenced, impacted and transformed through our perspectives, methodology and advocacy. These past and ongoing dynamic engagements form the basis for our movement building strategy and network to achieve digital equity and inclusion in underserved and vulnerable communities throughout California and the US. 

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The Center for Digital Equity and Inclusion and The Marguerite Casey Foundation

We would like to acknowledge the Marguerite Casey Foundation for their early investment in the Center for Digital Equity and Inclusion. The Marguerite Casey Foundation was created as a grant making foundation to address the root causes of child and family poverty. Over the past 12 years, the Marguerite Casey Foundation has strategically focused to nurture a movement of families advocating in their own behalf for change.