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A Conversation with ZeroDivide’s Newest Team Member



A Conversation with ZeroDivide’s Newest Team Member

Marketing Team

By: Elizabeth Ramos

In March 2016, ZeroDivide welcomed our new Accounting Manager, Yolanda Cheers. Mrs. Cheers joined ZeroDivide with more than nine years of experience in financial and administrative services at various levels of government and within the nonprofit and private sectors. Her specialties include pricing and proposal development, business development, multi-company consolidations, financial analysis and modeling, program management, process improvement, contracts and procurement, and business intelligence. Yolanda provides financial, administrative, and clerical services to ZeroDivide.

Yolanda has a breadth of experience in the nonprofit, government, and private sector and when asked what her major tech+social justice learnings and takeaways from her previous work in the community have been, she responded ”I believe that Dr. Jamie Lathan (NCSSM) said it best in that, technology in education should give everyone an equal opportunity at being successful by making a high-quality education accessible to all.”

She further states that technology advancements have enhanced the ability for organizations to interpret data efficiently and effectively as well as the ability to analyze statistical values. This impact is widespread and definitely felt more in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

As she looks to streamline finance and accounting procedures at ZeroDivide, Yolanda is also preparing to enhance ZeroDivide’s investment portfolio. From a financial perspective, this includes acting on information and researching technology options and using this data to support investment decisions and calculate costs that add value to the organization.  

Yolanda is a great asset to the ZeroDivide team and we look forward to learning more from her financial teachings. She recommends the following websites for nonprofits to gain financial literacy insights: