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The African American Theater Alliance for Independence Collaborative (ATTAIN)



The African American Theater Alliance for Independence Collaborative (ATTAIN)

Marketing Team

By: McCrae Parker

In the Fall of 2015, the ATTAIN Collaborative, located at the African American Arts and Culture Complex in San Francisco, Ca., retained the technology capacity building services of ZeroDivide. The African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) is a community based arts and cultural organization whose mission is to empower the community through Afro-centric cultural expression, education and programming. AAACC is dedicated to inspiring children and youth to serve as agents of change, cultivating their leadership skills and fostering a commitment to community service and activism.

ZeroDivide works with five organizations co-located in the Complex (African American Art and Culture Complex, African American Shakespeare Company, PUSH Dance Company, AfroSolo Theater, and Cultural Odyssey) to address two top priorities for theses organization: technology infrastructure and audience development.  A chief goal of our work in Phase 1 will be to ensure that all organizations have baseline tech capacities that will allow them to implement a robust “box office” solution at the Complex. In addition, our technology recommendations also lay the groundwork an audience development and marketing effort for all of the theater companies and artists based at the Complex.

ZeroDivide understands the constraints facing organizations such as those in the Complex and the ways in which thoughtfully chosen, cost-effective and strategically deployed digital tools and technology can make lasting improvements in operational effectiveness, service delivery, communications and fundraising. The AATAIN Collaborative organizations are well on their leveraging technology to better coordinate administrative activities, enhance programming and, accelerate their mission(s) to catalyze social impact through arts and culture.