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A Conversation with ZeroDivide’s Newest Team Member

Marketing Team

By: Elizabeth Ramos

In March 2016, ZeroDivide welcomed our new Accounting Manager, Yolanda Cheers. Mrs. Cheers joined ZeroDivide with more than nine years of experience in financial and administrative services at various levels of government and within the nonprofit and private sectors. Her specialties include pricing and proposal development, business development, multi-company consolidations, financial analysis and modeling, program management, process improvement, contracts and procurement, and business intelligence. Yolanda provides financial, administrative, and clerical services to ZeroDivide.

Yolanda has a breadth of experience in the nonprofit, government, and private sector and when asked what her major tech+social justice learnings and takeaways from her previous work in the community have been, she responded ”I believe that Dr. Jamie Lathan (NCSSM) said it best in that, technology in education should give everyone an equal opportunity at being successful by making a high-quality education accessible to all.”

She further states that technology advancements have enhanced the ability for organizations to interpret data efficiently and effectively as well as the ability to analyze statistical values. This impact is widespread and definitely felt more in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

As she looks to streamline finance and accounting procedures at ZeroDivide, Yolanda is also preparing to enhance ZeroDivide’s investment portfolio. From a financial perspective, this includes acting on information and researching technology options and using this data to support investment decisions and calculate costs that add value to the organization.  

Yolanda is a great asset to the ZeroDivide team and we look forward to learning more from her financial teachings. She recommends the following websites for nonprofits to gain financial literacy insights:


ZeroDivide at 16NTC

Marketing Team

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) is a community of nonprofit professionals that look to leverage technology for social change. Since 2013, NTEN has hosted their annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in March. This year, 16NTC took place in San Jose, California from March 23rd to March 25th. On Friday, March 25th, Mike Rubio, ZeroDivide, Director of Programs; Kelly Church, Project Director, SIMLab; and Keith Porcaro, Head of Technology and Development, General Counsel, SIMLab led the “Hello, Can You Hear Me? A Hands-on Communication Workshop for Low-Income Communities” workshop.         

By: Mike Rubio and Elizabeth Ramos

16NTC marked the third year in a row that Mike Rubio, ZeroDivide’s Director of Programs, presented at NTC. This year, ZeroDivide partnered with SIMLab to share combined learnings from the field regarding communication tactics and best practices for organizations that work in low-income communities.

The “Hello, Can You Hear Me? A Hands-on Communication Workshop for Low-Income Communities” workshop featured small working groups that aimed to identify appropriate technology and communication approaches for community engagement. Specifically, the presentation focused on the importance of an organization’s internal assessment of their current communication tactics. For example, “What is the message?,” “Who is the message for?,” and “How can an organization best reach constituents?” were among the discussion questions asked.  Second, the workshop introduced the “user persona” concept. A user persona is a representation of the goals and behaviors of an organization's user base, or their constituents and stakeholders. Once groups identified their user persona, they were able to map their communication goals. The presenters then guided the attendees through how to best leverage SMS for communicative outreach. Throughout this exercise, workshop participants gained a larger understanding of how to assess their current communication plans and learned how they could begin using SMS in their respective communities for social impact.

You can find the “Hello, Can You Hear Me? A Hands-on Communication Workshop for Low-Income Communities” presentation slide deck here and all other related resources here. For a full list of 16NTC presentation and materials, go to To learn more about NTEN, visit their website at To learn more about SIMLab, visit their website at If you would like to learn more, please contact Mike Rubio at

The United Farm Workers Foundation in the Age of Technology

Marketing Team

In partnership with the California Wellness Foundation, ZeroDivide has had the opportunity to provide technology capacity consulting services, resources, and trainings to numerous organizations throughout California that are working tirelessly to improve the health of their communities. On Monday, February 29th, 2016, Mike Rubio, Director of Programs, and Elizabeth Ramos, Communications and Marketing Associate, travelled to Bakersfield, California to provide on-site social media and email management training to United Farm Workers Foundation staff members from their Bakersfield, Fresno, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Salinas offices.

By: Elizabeth Ramos

The United Farm Workers Movement began in California during the 1960’s and allowed for farmworkers to come together and advocate to improve their working conditions and wages. The movement further pushed the social justice agenda for labor worker’s safety, human, and civil rights. Today, the United Farm Workers Foundation exists in partnership with the United Farm Workers Union. The overarching goals of the United Farm Workers Foundation are to foster communities that engage immigrants as active and informed participants, reform the immigration system to access legal status for immigrants, and a clear path to citizenship, and lead a national network of farm worker serving organizations to influence policy and expand services at the federal and local level.

Here at ZeroDivide, we understand that utilizing essential emailing tools and tactics can help foundations streamline their communicative and collaborative practices. With that in mind, the ZeroDivide How to Tame Your Email: An Approach for Busy People presentation is designed to allow participants to walk away with a strategy to clean out and manage their inboxes. Key elements of this presentation target email management, email consolidation, and provides an overview of the available tools and extensions for email communications strategy. This presentation will better prepare the United Farm Workers Foundation to communicate across their five offices in California and Arizona efficiently.   

Although the fact remains that tools like Twitter and Facebook have brought new opportunities for building relationships and engagement, those opportunities may feel less important than engaging with a constituent face to face. That is why the ZeroDivide Social Media for Social Justice presentation is designed with organizational leadership in mind and focuses on some key strategic approaches to content development and management on social media channels that can advance organizational missions and drive social impact. Specifically, the presentation covers the importance of a content calendar, social media policies, analytical tools, and the utilization of media.

Before facilitating the on-site Social Media for Social Justice presentation in Bakersfield, ZeroDivide was greatly impressed with the current presence that the United Farm Workers Foundation holds on social media. This is largely due to an increase in access to cell-phones with camera capabilities in the fields. For example, the United Farm Workers Foundation on-the-ground campaigns that received a large engagement rate on social media involved the posting of campesino pictures and videos.

ZeroDivide believes that by having access to greater email strategies, social media content development and analytical resources, the United Farm Workers Foundation will be better able to build upon their leadership, operational, adaptive, programmatic and community capacities. Additionally, building technology capacity can have an impact on the United Farm Workers Foundation network of followers, as leaders are able to gain a better understanding of the tools necessary to be successful in the digital age through social media. Such solutions support that technology adoption and adaption will transform the way community-based organizations do their work, interact with the communities they serve, and achieve better outcomes.

You can learn more about The United Farm Workers Foundation by following them on Twitter at, liking them on Facebook at, or by visiting their website at

The African American Theater Alliance for Independence Collaborative (ATTAIN)

Marketing Team

By: McCrae Parker

In the Fall of 2015, the ATTAIN Collaborative, located at the African American Arts and Culture Complex in San Francisco, Ca., retained the technology capacity building services of ZeroDivide. The African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) is a community based arts and cultural organization whose mission is to empower the community through Afro-centric cultural expression, education and programming. AAACC is dedicated to inspiring children and youth to serve as agents of change, cultivating their leadership skills and fostering a commitment to community service and activism.

ZeroDivide works with five organizations co-located in the Complex (African American Art and Culture Complex, African American Shakespeare Company, PUSH Dance Company, AfroSolo Theater, and Cultural Odyssey) to address two top priorities for theses organization: technology infrastructure and audience development.  A chief goal of our work in Phase 1 will be to ensure that all organizations have baseline tech capacities that will allow them to implement a robust “box office” solution at the Complex. In addition, our technology recommendations also lay the groundwork an audience development and marketing effort for all of the theater companies and artists based at the Complex.

ZeroDivide understands the constraints facing organizations such as those in the Complex and the ways in which thoughtfully chosen, cost-effective and strategically deployed digital tools and technology can make lasting improvements in operational effectiveness, service delivery, communications and fundraising. The AATAIN Collaborative organizations are well on their leveraging technology to better coordinate administrative activities, enhance programming and, accelerate their mission(s) to catalyze social impact through arts and culture.

A Connection Through the Cloud to Important Life Documents: The Electronic Backpack and Crossover Youth

Nasser H

This blog was co-produced by our Program Director, McCrae Parker, and originally posted on Health Affairs Blog. The Electronic Backpack is a supplement guide that works within our #Mobile4Impact Series developed in collaboration with Vodafone Americas and Sierra Health Foundation. The Mobile4Impact Series build upon Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact,  our previous work to leverage mobile interventions in underserved communities. research, and captures new insights from the field.

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Black Matter

Nasser H

This blog post was originally posted on Kevin John Fong of Elemental Partners. Since 1995, Founder and President, Kevin Fong and his partners have worked with hundreds of organizations from the public and private sectors through several service areas to help their clients achieve excellence.Elemental Partners strengthens the capacity of organizations to build and sustain practical frameworks for governance and operations that are based upon transparency, accountability and collaboration.

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5 Tips on Managing your Tech Hangover

Nasser H

This blog post is an adaptation of "Tech Assessment Hangover" , Mike Rubio's presentation given atNonprofit Tech Week on April 7, 2015. In this presentation he provided best practices and insights from the field for organizations engaging in a technology assessment to improve technology adoption within the organization. 

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