About ZeroDivide

About ZeroDivide

ZeroDivide is a mission-driven consulting organization that stays true to our original philanthropic purpose of helping communities transform through technology.

We provide technology adoption and field-building services to clients and also design technology-rich initiatives that hold promise for national impact.

We're located in the tech-heart of San Francisco, but our projects and work have a national reach. If you would like to learn more about how we can leverage your impact, please contact us

With more than 15 years of demonstrated success, we work with our partners to improve economic opportunities, civic engagement and health for low-income and culturally diverse communities.


Our Values

ZeroDivide’s work is grounded in our values, through which we approach all of our projects.



Renaissance Journalism

We are proud to serve as fiscal agent for and co-working space partner with Renaissance Journalism. The organization was created in 2009 in partnership with us as we experimented with incubating new entities, and currently exists as a program of San Francisco State University’s Department of Journalism. Renaissance Journalism provides training, technical assistance, consultation and grants to journalists and organizations that share the organization's passion for media innovations that strengthen communities. Learn more at renjournalism.org